Having an animal involved often makes counselling a less scary thought, especially for children and young people as it is a more fun and light-hearted experience whilst still being very effective in working through difficulties. This type of therapy has been developed over time through theory and research and is an internationally recognised field in its own right.

Working with Stanley gives a different dimension to how I can work with any clients, and especially for those who are nervous or new to the idea of counselling, making friends with a dog can be an easier first step.

The range of issues we can work on in this way is exactly the same as traditional counselling. There are also proven therapeutic benefits to doing gentle physical activity whilst processing difficult feelings and thoughts.

What We Do.

Animal Assisted Therapy 

incorporates the use of animals, or in this case my dog Stanley, into counselling. Both Stanley and I have undertaken training with internationally renowned experts in the field, and our professional development is on-going.

This means we may work inside or outside, sit and talk as in traditional counselling, or we may go for walk, play with Stanley, maybe do some training, or a range of other activities. There is always a sound therapeutic reason why particular activities are suggested and they are always agreed with the client beforehand.

For more information or to see whether this type of counselling is for you please get in touch.


"My work with Sarah is in a positive format, including ‘walk and talk supervision with Stan’ which adds another dimension to our work together in supervising my counselling, providing a relaxed but also a much more inspiring, creative atmosphere compared to just sitting in a room together. Because of this I continue to feel totally safe to express and discuss anything I am faced with, knowing I am truly supported and educated by Sarah. I really feel without Sarah’s support I would not have become the accredited counsellor I am today."

— Alison Wood, Counsellor

Animal Assisted Therapy

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Animal Assisted Therapy

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